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"The Camera serves as an eye to our world, capturing forever
that special moment that imprints itself on our mind's eye...
The photographs in my ongoing collection represent not only
the simple pleasures of everyday objects, but also, quick
glances of fleeting images and changing light that surround
our world in beauty, drama - and, at times, regret...
It is these fragile and transitory moments that transform
everyday things into uniquely beautiful, curious and
haunting images."



Pastiche n. (Fr) An Artistic Composition
           Drawn From Various Sources  



Farm Days



 Soaring                                                                          Shapes



Abandoned                                                   Sky Art

Each Signed Framed Art Piece in the PASTICHE COLLECTION is available
with either 8 X 10  or  5 X 7 Matted Photographs in a Wood Frame


Fine Art Digital Prints of Individual Photos are also available
in various sizes - Matted and Signed By The Artist


  Farm Days P01                        Farm Days P02                         Farm Days P03


                                Soaring P04                                                Soaring P05                                               Soaring P06                               


 Shapes P07                                                  Shapes P08                                                 Shapes P09


Abandoned P010                                         Abandoned P011                                   Abandoned P012


  Sky Art P013                                          Sky Art P014                                             Sky Art P015




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